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Hong Kong is honoured to host 2017 Conference of Workability International and Workability Asia and my pleasure to invite all of you to participate this Conference which will be held from 12-14 June 2017 at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong.

The chosen theme for the Conference is “Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem for Persons with Disabilities at Work” with the objectives of providing a sharing forum for exchanging international trend and good practice, sharing of strategies and new initiatives which will provide a positive eco-system enabling persons with disabilities to be engaged in meaningful work and employment.  The subthemes include Enabling Ecosystem to facilitate work potential and employment opportunities; Social innovation in enhancing the employability and Social impact of social enterprises.  The Conference is intended to invite all stakeholders to participate, the government representatives, the non-government organizations, the business partners who provide work and employment, the employees who are in open and supported employment, self-help groups or organizations, etc.

The Conference will have two day meetings and one day study visit and the meetings include plenary and parallel sessions and you are welcome to submit the abstracts for presentation at the Conference.

2017 Hong Kong Conference is also the annual conference of Workability Asia and Workability International and these 2 bodies have been engaged in networking the regions and the global on matters of common interests in promoting the employability of persons with disabilities.  I am pleased that I am the Vice-Chairperson of Workability Asia and the Director of Workability International and I have been able to network with many countries in Asia Region and also with other regions so I invite all of you to come to Hong Kong to share with us.

Hong Kong has a population of about 8 million, of which about 8% of them are persons with disabilities and the unemployment rate is currently 6%, however, the unemployment rate of non-disabled persons is 3% so we will continue to work towards higher employment rate by sharing with regional and international leaders in the coming 2017 Hong Kong Conference.

On behalf of the host organizations, the Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities and Hong Kong Council of Social Service, I extend my heartiest welcome to you to come to Hong Kong and send a delegation from your country to attend 2017 Hong Kong Conference of Workability International and Workability Asia.


Deborah Wan
Chairperson of Organizing Committee
2017 Hong Kong Conference of Workability International and Workability Asia   

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28 July 2017

Thank you for joining 2017 Hong Kong Conference. We hope all of you will find our Conference informative and worthwhile.

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The present material from Speakers of Plenary and Parallel Session can be downloaded here